Advice for traveling in a furnished van

 There are those who make every reservation in advance and leave nothing to chance. And there are those for whom travel must absolutely rhyme with adventure, unforgettable wilderness and unforgettable moments. For all those, traveling in a furnished van is a great way to see the country!


Traveling in a furnished van requires choosing the right vehicle

Surfers eager to take the first wave of the morning, hikers at the start of a beautiful day of walking, many nature lovers who opt for the van trip arranged for the pleasure of getting up at dawn and being the first to evolve on natural sites of breathtaking beauty! If this way of traveling tempts you, no need to invest immediately in a vehicle. You can first rent one and test different vans in real conditions to see if they fit your needs. Several agencies offer vans for rent, including long-term rentals. Better, to lighten the costs, you can even opt for renting vans between individuals.

To choose your vehicle, consider taking into account the fuel consumption and the cost of tolls for this size vehicle.


Choose the right spot for the night

The adventure, yes, but with respect for nature. Of course, sleeping while traveling in a furnished van offers the freedom to stop when you want and organize nothing, but that’s no reason to stop anywhere! Respect nature reserves and areas where parking is prohibited and watch out for fires.

It may be tempting to grill in the wilderness but beware of areas exposed to fire hazards (forests, plantations, reforestation, moors, scrubland…). In France and abroad, think of privileging reserved areas equipped and equipped for barbecues.


Invest in small accessories that change your life

In shops dedicated to camping, you will find a number of accessories to save space or improve your daily comfort when traveling by van. Here are some of our favorites. Motorhome wedges that help to rectify the slope of the ground and sleep right; the solar shower to do a bit of toilet. The collapsible colander, always practical at the time of the pasta and very compact, Bluetooth speakers to listen to music, a hammock to stretch between two trees, the straw that filters the water if you really want to be away from everything, dry shampoo (use with moderation because no very green) or clay if you do not have water to wash your hair …